Tshepi Vundla: The Style Fix

The Style Fix SA

Words by Naledi Sibisi

Esteemed South African influencer, fashion stylist and personal shopper Tshepi Vundla recently started a YouTube channel - The Style Fix. Vundla, who has been featured in several media outlets following her success in the industry, including Woolworth’s for winning their Style by SA’s grand prize launched her premiere episode of The Style Fix where she took a closer look at the South African Music Awards red carpet fashion moments. “A lot of people have been asking me to start a channel or to have a reality show but it was honestly overwhelming and time was never on my side” she shares, “My partner Jay told me that the time is now or never; he helped a lot with setting it up. I am terrible with technology and he directed and produced my first episode. His support as well as him pushing me has really helped me a lot. I also appreciate the faith he has in me”.

She tells me that she had decided a while ago that the first episode would cover a red carpet event. “People loved the the first episode but all wondered where the usual stuff I post on my social media pages was. They just need to be patient to see the content we have lined up” . On the premiere episode of The Style Fix, Vundla was joined by blogger and influencer Twiggy Moli as well as creative content strategist Tay Dlamini. The trio shared their thoughts and banter as a number of red carpet looks were presented on the screen in front of them. “I wanted to work with ladies I have worked with and genuinely gel with because I was really nervous for so many reasons but Tay & Twiggy made it easy for me; and of course, they know a thing or two about fashion and pop culture”. Having caught up with her first guests, Twiggy shared that she looks forward to seeing more genuine and authentic content like this from other influencers that everyone can relate to. “My experience was super cool. It was really just us girls giving our two cents on the looks. Nothing malicious or catty, I feel like that’s what made it fun - we were not trying to be spicy for views”.

Tshepi Vundla | Photography by  maverick.seizure

Tshepi Vundla | Photography by maverick.seizure

When it came to any nerves or anxiety leading up to putting out the first episode,Vundla says that she was nervous about people not watching however, she is overwhelmed by the positive reception so far. “I'm looking forward to creating more content and having people more involved in my life. I need to finish a course I am studying in two weeks then we are good to go again. I want the channel to have all my attention. You can look forward to literally everything I get up to with my loved ones, the cool events I attend, fashion, make-up, Siba, Samu and my mom since people actually like her too” she laughs. She went on to cite Mpoomy Ledwaba as one of her favorite YouTubers adding that she appreciates honest content and the way in which she remains true to herself. “How she is on her YouTube channel is exactly how she is in real life. I also love that she invited me on one of her episodes where we covered fashion”. On venturing into more online content or branching out into a more digital space Vundla explains that it is important to move with the times. “YouTube is growing and if you want to grow, you should follow. Also, people are constantly on the net and choosing it over normal boring television. You are able to create what people actually want to see”.

In the Premiere Episode of The Style Fix, Tshepi Vundla checks out the South African Music Awards red carpet fashion moments. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section and remember to like and subscribe to her channel.