influencer Relations

The Throne specializes in Influencers Relations within South Africa’s dynamic fashion, music, lifestyle, entrepreneurship and creative industries with a special focus on Influencers with a rich impact within their respective fields. We pride ourselves in being urban culture leaders who have built deep and authentic relationships with South Africa’s tastemakers, industry leaders and game changers. We intrinsically understand who our network of Influencers speak to, the cultural nuances that separate them from others and are able to leverage that to craft and execute the best possible campaigns. We manage Influencer campaigns from Influencer outreach to campaign setup and execution to tracking. 


Cultural Insights

The Throne forms part of the nucleus of South Africa’s urban culture landscape. We don’t simply understand contemporary urban culture, we produce it. We offer an acute understanding of the value each Influencer provides and how to best leverage it. We offer insights into how Influencers and your potential consumer base speaks, thinks, dresses, parties, where they spend their money, how they spend their, why they spend their money there and how to become the brand they connect with and spend their money on. 


Content Ideation

We are culture. We create dope content. We specialise in short and long form content, shoots and video content, as well as conceptualising content which best capitalises Influencer’s strengths and pivots brands to their respective target audiences in a way that’s authentic and cool.