Interview: Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner x adidas Originals: Falcon

1997 was seminal as a year during which two icons were born. The first, the adidas Originals Falcon Dorf runner. A shoe which paid homage to the attitude of the time; strong creatives who shifted boundaries and paved the path for future rebels to walk forth with. The second was Kylie Jenner; one of the most-recognized people on the planet. Beauty boss, entrepreneur, and style icon, Jenner has subverted the expectations placed on young women by establishing herself as a business mogul and a creative visionary who refuses to allow anything to stand in her way. Now, Jenner and Falcon join forces in honor of adidas Originals, with the icon debuting in the brand’s Falcon campaign.

Q: The Falcon campaign is a nod to the 90’s. Is there anything from the 90’s that you have discovered recently or have grown to love?

A: I love 90s style and it’s really inspired many of the colour choices in my collections. From my dark matte lip kits to the bold eye shadow palettes, these looks are definitely a throwback to that time.

Q:  This was your first adidas Originals campaign, what is it like getting to work with adidas?

A: So fun! I’ve always loved adidas and it’s been really exciting now being part of the Originals family, especially for the launch of Falcon.


Q: How do you style your Falcons?

A: Definitely with some adidas track pants and a crop top or a tight casual dress. They can be dressed up or down - love the black and pink colourway!

 Q: What’s your earliest adidas memory?

A: There’s a picture of Kendall and I in full tracksuit looks!


Q: What does being bold/unapologetic mean to you?

A: Being confident enough to be who you are and take risks!

Q: adidas has always impacted culture. Nowadays, culture seems to be more impacted by things like our digital lives. How do you think social media has affected culture?

A: Social media has given people the platform to share their creativity and be part of something bigger - it’s a new way of connecting and expressing yourself.

Q: Not many people have achieved the level of success you have by such a young age. To what do you attribute that rise? Have you always been this driven, from a young age?

A: Being surrounded by successful, confident, smart women has given me a sense of wanting to leave my mark and I’m doing it through something I’m passionate about: beauty. And of course, I owe so much to my family who are my biggest source of support and inspiration.

Q: You’ve inspired so many young girls, are there any women who you look up to or have inspired you?

A: Definitely the women in my family, including my mom. She’s set a great example for us and is always there if we need anything! My family is so supportive of everything that I do and continues to inspire me to do what I love.