Wanda Lephoto | SAFW

South African Fashion Week 2018

Photography by SDR

Wanda Lephoto is one quarter of Johannesburg-bred creative collective, The Sartists, alongside Andile Buka, Kabelo Kungwane and Xzavier Zulu, whose visual output and collaborations aim to challenge parochial ideas about blackness in modern society. Lephoto launched his menswear line in 2016, as a means to educate through style, by drawing on contemporary subcultures and traditional symbolism as well as heritage sportswear and workwear staples. “In a time where the world looks at Africa for inspiration, it is interesting to observe what and where we as Africans do and go. Often having to re-appropriate our own culture against the commercial viability the West has over us, we seldom look past aestheticism to unwrap the true nature of who we are.”Says Lephoto.