Urban is what we live, it`s who we are. Tarred roads and yellow lines symbolize of our path, our struggle—our destiny. The Puma #RunTheStreets campaign, featuring RNDM Network, is about young ambitious individuals mapping their route, making their mark and giving voice to the streets.

Lulo Rubushe, RNDM founder wanted to tell his story—struggles and all—and give a platform to young people through this campaign to express their pleasure and pain through their creative expression.


Family First—Rubushe`s Journey

Like in any generation, success comes at the cost—at least temporarily—of family disapproval. Rubushe unsurprisingly is no exception. On his way to becoming one of South Africa's young icons, initially, he found it difficult to express his ambition to those closest to him. However, one family member—his cousin Okuhle Tshangela—went against the relative grain. Particularly in times of adversity, Okuhle pushed the young influencer hard and continued to support him until dreams became reality.


Save your Tears for the Stage—Percy Leigh and Azu`s message through movement

For both dancers, communication through their art form has become their method of storytelling. Percy Leigh felt entirely free to “move, feel and communicate, whenever and wherever” she wanted to. Whether spectators approved or disapproved her message, she is unapologetic on stage.

Azu (Azukisiwe) believes that her passion for dancing is what has driven through adversity and into her success. Flipping the notion of opposition on its head, she used her competitive edge to become her own competition. Rather than being intimidated by other performers, she has decided to learn from them.

If these strong-willed creatives are anything to go by, young people are bound to be inspired by their unique stories.

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