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CAN DO! Unbreakable S3: Top 11 Finalists

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CAN DO! Unbreakable S3: Top 11 Finalists

CAN DO! Unbreakable S3: Top 11 Finalists

Earlier this year, CAN DO! launched the third season of ‘The Unbreakable Entrepreneurs’ campaign. The competition is targeted at young people looking to venture into entrepreneurship. The consumer facing brand strives to represent the youth of South Africa who portray the unbreakable nature of the cans they manufacture. The campaign has curated a culture where their passion for the young entrepreneur positions them to dream big, travel the unknown and adopt a spirit that communicates their message: "Like a CAN, I am UNBREAKABLE”. CAN DO! is proud to announce this year’s ‘Unbreakable Entrepreneurs’ contestants for Season 3. Each of the following contestants will have one minute to pitch their business to a panel of judges in the CAN DO! Unbreakable Entrepreneurs show that will be airing soon.

Fezile Mdletshe

Fezile Mdletshe.jpg

F.F Academy (Fezile Fashion Skills Academy) is an accredited fashion academy. They are the first fashion school in KwaMashu - north of Durban, South Africa.

Chad Cuddumbey

Chad Cuddumbey.jpg

Chad Cuddumbey established New Earth Projects in 2015. The organisation offers a free recycling collection service dedicated to residents.

Tumisang Maramane

Tumisang Maramane.jpg

Godisang Spaces is a Green Innovative company that merges technology with construction.

Musa Maluleka

Musa Maluleka.jpg

The WITS student and entrepreneur Musa Maluleka founded Disktjie. The company specializes in making soccer boots.

Leon Qwabe

Leon Qwabe.jpg

Entering the world of cuisine, Kasi Order brings the taste of township food to your doorstep. It is the first and only township food delivery service.

Ntsako Mhlanga

Ntsako Mhlanga.jpg

CAPS Radio is an independent online radio station promoting education, teaching and learning through social engagement.

Ndamulelo Mabidi

Ndamulelo Mabidi.jpg

NIM Editorial offers personalized writing and language editing services for academic, personal, and business use.

Tebatso Molapo

Tebatso Molapo.jpg

Re Basadi was founded as a result of love for female empowerment to bring women together and have them talk about the socio-economic issues that affect them.

Siyanda Mhlahlo

Siyanda Mhlahlo.jpg

Pex Lifestyle specializes in clothing apparel, decor and events. The tjale (traditional shawl) is a prominent feature in most South African cultures. From this, an idea was born to create a fashion line using the tjale in celebration of his late mother.

Sesethu Mbonisweni

Sesethu Mbonisweni.jpg

Architecture student Sesethu Mbonisweni has fused her passion for fashion, architecture and design to launch her accessories label, Hey Sessy.

Lungi Nkosinkulu

Lungi Nkosinkulu.jpg

Signature bubble waffle café, Kitamu is a mobile café that specializes in events & private functions.

CAN DO! Unbreakable S3: Top 11 Finalists

CAN DO! Unbreakable S3: Top 11 Finalists

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