Interview: Matthew Murray

#UnbreakableS2 - Top 6

Matthew Murray’s entrepreneurial journey is an extraordinary tale of battling dyslexia, dropping out of school and overcoming great odds to find his niche in life within the creative industry. He has worked with esteemed brands and became a truly inspiring figure to those around him.

Q: You’re dealt with dyslexia and have transformed a challenging condition into something positive. Can you share what that journey has been like for you?

A: In grade 9, I decided to choose another path because school wasn’t working for me. I decided to join my Dad’s full time team; he was working in schools doing life development. I joined his team and ironically started working in schools. He asked what I wanted to do for my future, I loved design and filmmaking and he got me a laptop and the necessary programs. I taught myself graphic design, built my portfolio by doing non-profit work and got a job at a design studio. I worked at the design studio for 8 years and worked on brands like Coke, Engine, etc.

Q: What was the catalyst that inspired you to start your own business?

A: About a year and a half ao, I felt the itch to move to another agency and finally decided to leave and start my own venture. It was mainly jolted from having worked in education with my Dad. He passed away two years ago and that also pulled on my heartstrings and reminded me of my passion for working with and helping young people. I got clients to meet my salary, resigned and founded Mat Finish.

Q: You’re a Brand Stylist. What does that entail?

A: I didn’t want to do marketing or design, I wanted to do a bit more than that, and that’s how I decided on brand styling. The main thing for me in life is style. I use the power of fashion to look at the identity or service of a brand and see how I can best represent that through style.

mat finish big-device-mockup.jpg

Q: You’ve also founded The Brand of Misfits. Please can you share what it represents?

A: The goal with The Brand of Misfits it to start an internship programme for people like myself that aren’t necessarily getting the opportunities that they should be getting. I take them under my wing and develop them with the hope of something positive coming out of that. And that’s the focus for if/when I win – the resources would go to equipping them.

Q: You touched on what you’d do if you won CAN DO!’s #UnbreakableS2 competition. Can you please expand on how you found out about the competition and what the journey has been like?

A: I had wanted to film a video about my story anyway. The ad kept popping up on YouTube and it was perfectly tailored to me. I worked on video for the final week and uploaded it. I found out I had made it to the top 6 when I was on a flight to Joburg and had to contain my excitement.

Q: What is the long term vision for Mat Finish?

A: My goal is to develop creatives and develop a platform where creatives can co-exist. The greatest investions in the world came from a space of creativity.

Learn more about Matthew's inspirational journey by checking out the below vid and you can vote him to win R 100 000 in business resources by visiting