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Interview: AAC

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Interview: AAC

Ahang Amalmagate Construction

Ahang Amalmagate Construction is the brain child of three incredible young women who are passionate about transforming the construction industry. Mannini Setai, Nthabiseng Molejane and Refilwe Benty Mogale founded the company in 2016 and are building a solid foundation for what is set to become a  game-changing business.

Q: How was AAC founded and how did you guys meet each other?

A: We’ve been friends for years and have always done everything together. We were involved in an outreach programme and saw the housing conditions and how unsafe they were and had the idea of getting involved. We also worked at the Department of Town Planning and after working there for a while thought there was an opportunity there that we could explore.

Q: You’re in a male dominated industry. What have some of the challenges that you’ve encountered as a women owned company?

A: Our biggest challenge was getting people to take us seriously as entrepreneurs in the construction industry. Getting into the industry and getting work was a challenge but we think people see that we’re serious about what we do and that we’re physically involved in very project of ours.

Q: What is the vision for AAC for the future?

A: We registered the company in 2016, but because none of us had experience in the field, it became very difficult for us to start, so we spent a lot of time researching and planning. We became functional in November of 2017. The long term goal for the company is to branch out into commercial and institutional construction. Something we really care about as well is social issues so we’re trying to get into green construction using recyclable materials with the hope that it will reduce housing costs so that more people can have access to affordable housing. We also have an idea which is based on building fully functional safety havens for women and children who are victims of violence and abuse. At the end of the day, our company is all about social responsibility.

Q: What inspired you to enter CAN DO!’s unbreakableS2 competition?

A:   We saw the competition on Twitter and almost didn’t enter because we didn’t think we’d get this far but decided we had nothing to lose. For us to even make to it the next round has been something so awesome.

Q: What advice would you offer young women or aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to follow in your footsteps, but are afraid?

A: The best thing you can do is just start. We spend so much thinking we don’t have the skills or don’t know certain things, but just start, you learn as you go along. Take a leap of faith, you’ll face challenges but you’ll learn from them.

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