INTERVIEW: Billy Siziba

#UnbreakableS2 - Top 6

Billy Siziba, one of the incredible #UnbreakableS2 finalists, is the founder of Bullyz Health and Fitness. We chatted to the driven finalist about his entrepreneurial journey and what inspires him to keep going.

Q: Having experienced being bulled when you were younger, what inspired you to transform such a negative experience to something so positive and empowering?

A: Getting into fitness was really a means to defend myself at the time. I grew up around quite a bit of violence - my dad used to drink a lot and I wasn’t the most athletic guy either at school. For me, getting into working out was just a way to get to a point where I wouldn’t be intimidated by the people around me.

 Q: Over and above your physicality, you also have an incredible level of confidence and mental strength. How did you cultivate those traits?

A:  Mainly because of my mom. My dad was quite a violent guy and she endured it all. She was always positive and she instilled an outlook of not letting difficult times get me down. I don’t talk about that often, but that’s a big part of why I work as hard as I do.

Q: At which point were you inspired to share your knowledge with others to help empower them too and realised you could also turn it into a viable business?

A: I studied for about three years before I saw an opportunity to turn it into a business. I was quite good at design, so I started designing my own graphics and t-shirts, people began inquiring about where I got those clothes and that’s when I decided to start designing and selling clothes, and I was able to build capital to invest that into my business.

Q: What inspired you to enter CAN DO!’s #UnbreakableS2 competition?

A: Last year, I was doing my final year and it was hectic doing that and running our first store. I realised I was going to need way more capital and exposure for my business. I made a promise to myself that after I finish studying and had more time, I was going to find an opportunity to expose my business more and really make waves. I saw the ad on YouTube and knew immediately that this was my chance.

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